Virtual Multidisciplinary Foot Ulcer Clinic rolled out for Kimberley people.

The high rates of lower limb amputations across the Kimberley are alarming. But in some instances may be prevented by timely access to appropriate multidisciplinary care.

A new inter-agency initiative between Boab Health Services, KAMS and Royal Perth Hospital using Silhouette ® laser technology, is being rolled out across the Kimberley to from a best-practice Virtual Multidisciplinary Foot Ulcer Clinic (VMDFUC).

Recently Boab Health’s podiatry and Integrated Team Care program staff together with KAMS Aboriginal Health Workers participated in training to use the latest laser Silhouette® technology in lower limb wound monitoring and treatment.

This initiative aims to reduce the need for people with foot wounds to travel the vast distance from the Kimberley to Perth for specialist intervention and wound treatment. Travelling long distances for treatment comes with a significant social, emotional and financial burden to the client and high costs the health care system – and does not always guarantee better health outcomes for the client.

The development of the VMDFUC ensures clients can be treated for longer in their own community. Treating clients at earlier stages of their condition by using a multidisciplinary team care approach is a critical factor to help prevent lower limb amputations.

A multidisciplinary approach is considered best practice for diabetic foot wounds; however, in order for it to be successful in a virtual sense, highly accurate specialised information and high-quality images need to be shared with multiple specialists. Silhouette® can capture high-quality images, detailed client data and assessment information through a range of devices and integrated systems.

The team of RPH specialists in the VMDFUC include podiatrists, vascular surgeon, endocrinologist, wound nurse, infectious disease and other specialists. Silhouette® technology can capture information that each specialist requires. The team at RPH will collaborate and share this information with essential primary health care services in the Kimberley, including the podiatry team at Boab Health Services, KAMS remote health clinic staff and WA Country Health Services.

Boab Health Services purchased the SilhouetteLite® + App and Sensor. The SilhouetteLite® sensor accurately measures wound circumference and captures images using the camera on a smartphone or tablet. The SilhouetteLite® + App tracks the progress of the wound healing over time. This version of Silhouette® is compact and lightweight to transport, making it an ideal tool for our team of podiatrists who provide outreach services to over 20 remote locations throughout the Kimberley.

Diabetes WA has donated the more advanced SilhouetteStar® camera for each KAMS remote health clinic in the Kimberley. This type of camera differs to the SilhouetteLite+® in that it is less portable, but has the benefit of being able to measure the depth of the wound. Having the SilhouetteStar camera in each of the KAMS remote clinics will enhance accurate wound care and management between specialists at RPH and Boab Health’s podiatry team, and ultimately help prevent lower limb amputations.

For more information about this initiative, please contact Robyn Powell, Executive Manager – Allied Health on 9192 7888 or

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