About our allied health team

Our aim is to support clients achieve their health goals and improve health outcomes. Our allied health team uses current best practice guidelines. This provides individualised care and education, which supports self-management of chronic health conditions. We provide a culturally safe, person-centred model of care.

The Boab Health Services multidisciplinary allied health service includes:

The allied health team provide services across the vast Kimberley region. For more information on specific services please visit the Our Services page.

Allied health services provided by other organisations

WACHS provides physiotherapy, speech pathology, occupational therapy and inpatient dietetic services across the Kimberley region. Some private practitioners also provide services in Broome and Kununurra.

How to refer to our allied health services

Click here to access our referral forms, information about our referral criteria, and our health promotion request form.

We triage appointments based on the most urgent need, and in line with our remote travel schedule. Our health prioritisation table explains how we triage our appointments.  You can view this table here.

Please note our referrals expire after 12 months. After this time clients will require a new referral.

Our allied health service accepts referrals from GPs and other health professionals.  

Important!  Before completing a referral form, ensure you:

  • discuss with your client the reason for referring to our allied health services (including highlighting the benefits your client may gain from seeing one of our qualified and experienced allied health staff)
  • gain client verbal consent to refer to Boab Health Service and to share their personal health information with Boab Health Services

Do you accept referrals in other formats?

Yes! We can accept referrals in other formats, so long as they include all required information included on our standard referral form. Please email us if you would like a Microsoft Word version of our referral form.

Is your client an Aboriginal person?

Please indicate on our referral form if a translator is required for Aboriginal clients.

Medicare Referrals for GPs

Please complete the Department of Health referral form if your patient is eligible for allied health services under the Chronic Disease Management Medicare items.

Kimberley Referral Pathways

With multiple health care providers in the Kimberley, our referral pathways help ensure you refer to the most appropriate service in your clients’ preferred location, saving valuable time for you and your client.

Service Locations

We provide services from our Broome office, the Coolibah Health Centre in Kununurra, and over 30 locations across the Kimberley.

Check out Our Service Locations page to see our interactive map of our services locations.

If you would like to enquire about travel dates, please email reception@boabhealth.com.au.

Support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

Our Health Navigator role can support Aboriginal people to access mainstream allied health services. For more information about this role click here insert link

Our ITC Program aims to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people across the Kimberley access mainstream primary care services.

Should a client require an Aboriginal language translator service, please include this on the referral form.

Wait times

With the high burden of chronic health conditions and vast geographical distances in the Kimberley, there may be a wait time for some of our services.

Contact our Broome office on (08) 9192 7888 or Kununurra office on (08) 9166 8100 to find out more information. Ask to speak with one of our Regional Managers.


Depending on the location of our service, our allied health team liaise closely with health clinic specialist clerks and other clinic staff to coordinate client lists and appointment times at multiple locations across the Kimberley including WACHS hospitals and remote clinics and Aboriginal community-controlled health services.

Boab Health Services will contact clients directly who have appointments at the Boab Health Broome office.

At Boab Health we encourage family members or friends to attend appointments with clients to provide support with chronic disease management.

Discharge from Allied Health Service

We will discharge clients from our service in the following instances:

  • the client wishes to be discharged
  • we are unable to reach the client after three attempts
  • the client has not attended an appointment on three consecutive occasions.

Please note our referrals expire after 12 months.

Communication with referrer

Our clinician will contact the referrer to provide:

  • an update / outcome of the care provided
  • initial and final report for MBS clients 
  • a discharge summary or letter.

Are your clients interested in Group Education sessions?  

Group education is sometimes the preferred method for clients who are interested in gaining knowledge and skills to better manage their health conditions. 

You can register your clients’ interest to attend a group education session by emailing: reception@boabhealth.com.au 

Program times and locations depend on the level of interest and availability of facilitators.

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