Paediatric Dietetics

Our Paediatric Dietitians advocate to improve the wellbeing of individuals, communities, and the population as a whole, through better access and awareness of good food and nutrition.

Our paediatric dietitians provide clinical services, group education, health promotion and foodservice consultation to improve the nutrition of children and families, including throughout pregnancy.

Our paediatric dietitians deliver services in accordance with Dietitians Australia (DAA) Best Practice Guidelines

Services We Provide

Group Education and Health Promotion

Our paediatric dietitians offer a range of nutrition education and health promotion initiatives for early learning services, play groups, schools, and other community groups. We also provide in-services and workforce development for health professionals and community workers. Focus areas include: 

  • Healthy eating and cooking skills for children and families
  • Healthy eating during pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Reading food labels
  • Introduction to solids
  • Anaemia and high iron foods
  • Fussy eating
  • Nutrition for exercise
  • Healthy weight for children
  • Healthy lunchboxes
  • Shopping on a budget
  • Meal planning
  • Food safety


How to Access Our Group Education and Health Promotion Services?

If you would like a group or family education session in your community group or service, please complete and return our Health Promotion Request Form and send to your Boab Health Services contact or

Alternatively you can call our Broome office on (08) 9192 7888 or our Kununurra office on (08) 9168 2560 and ask to speak with one of our paediatric dietitians.

Food Service Consultation

Our paediatric dietitians offer expertise in menu review, and support food service providers to:

  • Improve access to healthy food and drinks
  • Meet the Australian Dietary Guidelines
  • Comply with the Dept of Education’s Healthy Food and Drink Policy. 

Food service settings include early learning services, daycare centres, school canteens, youth hostels, youth centres, sporting clubs, and other community groups.

Clinical Services

Our paediatric dietitians work with families to:

  • Assess nutritional needs
  • Provide nutrition counselling, motivational interviewing, and support 
  • Provide information and advice on healthy eating as well as tailoring dietary advice to specific health conditions  
  • Identify personal goals and strategies to improve health outcomes
  • Develop the skills to live a healthy lifestyle in any setting

What Health Conditions Can Paediatric Dietitians Help With?

We support families to manage a wide range of conditions including gestational diabetes, anaemia, faltering growth, food allergies, and intolerances, gastrointestinal disorders, fussy eating, weight outside the healthy range, and diabetes. 

Who is Eligible to Access Our Clinical Paediatric Dietetic Service?

Clinical paediatric dietetic services are available on a referral basis for children 0-18 years and pregnant women who require dietetic advice and support for improved nutritional status.  We prioritise appointments based on most urgent need.

How to Access Our Paediatric Dietetic Services

You or your child will need a referral from your GP or other health care provider to access our services.  

MBS Referrals

We accept MBS referrals for people with chronic health conditions and complex care needs. This program entitles you to access five (5) free allied health services (including podiatrists, dietitians, or diabetes educators).  

Your GP must prepare a GP Management Plan or a Team Care Arrangement and complete the Department of Health issued Referral Form.

More information for health professionals on how to refer to our services is available here.

What to Expect After Your Referral?

Once we have received your referral from your GP or health care provider, you will be contacted by your local health clinic or by Boab Health as soon as an appointment becomes available in your preferred location.

Wait Times

Our paediatric dietitians travel throughout the Kimberley to provide outreach services to towns and communities.  Consequently, there may be wait time to access our service. You will be contacted by your local health clinic or Boab Health as soon as an appointment becomes available in your preferred location.  

Cost of Services

Our government-funded paediatric dietetic services are currently free-of-charge for eligible clients. In the future we aim to provide Medicare-funded services offered for a fee.

Service Locations

We provide Paediatric Dietetic services out of our Broome office and the Coolibah Health Centre in Kununurra.  

We also provide regular paediatric dietetic services with local Aboriginal Medical Services BRAMS, DAHS and OVAHS

Telehealth services are available in some instances

Services We Don’t Provide

We don’t provide inpatient dietetic services. These services are provided by WACHS who provide clinical dietetic services to all hospitals and WACHS Remote Clinics.  For information contact 9194 1630.

Please note, children with diabetes are best managed by specialist multidisciplinary paediatric diabetes management teams located within tertiary hospitals.  We support ongoing management when children return to the Kimberley in collaboration with WACHS 

The PCH Endocrinology and Diabetes Department provides Statewide inpatient and outpatient services for children with type 1 and type 2 diabetes and other endocrine (hormone) disorders. 

More information for health professionals on the referral pathway for Kimberley dietetic services is available here.

While You Wait for Your Appointment

Please contact your regular health service if your symptoms get worse or if you have any urgent concerns. For any emergency situations, always present to your local hospital or remote clinic.                                                                

Useful Websites

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