About the Boab Health Services Podiatry Service

There are currently three podiatrists employed by Boab Health Services to provide podiatry services to all health service providers and numerous community agencies across the region. The focus of the service is on primary health care, with an emphasis on supporting people with foot complications, usually as a result of chronic disease. The podiatrists provide clinical podiatry services such as:

  • Individual podiatry consultations
  • Foot wound care – care planning, wound care, client and staff education
  • Specialist footwear and orthotic prescription and issue (via CAEP)
  • Minor nail surgery
In addition to individual sessions, community based group education program for clients – Indigenous diabetic foot education, basic foot care workshops – are conducted regularly. As are capacity building activities such as training, in-servicing and mentoring of Aboriginal health workers, Allied Health staff, medical and nursing staff.

Podiatrists are involved in the prevention, diagnosis and management of disorders of the foot and ankle. This may be as a result of injury, or more often the result of complex medical disorders such as diabetes, renal failure or rheumatoid arthritis.

Referral criteria

The demand upon the service means that priority must be given to clients who are at high risk of foot complication. Referrals must be received from a GP or health professional involved in the client’s care, with patient consent. These include clients with the following conditions:

  • Diabetes
  • Renal disease
  • Hansen’s Disease
  • Peripheral vascular disease
  • Significant foot deformity
  • Previous or current foot ulceration

Patients will be seen in order of priority, e.g. Foot ulcers, PVD, diabetes.

How do I refer to the Podiatry Service?

To facilitate efficient allied health consultation, comprehensive clinical information is required. The preferred referral format is the Boab Health Services Allied Health Referral Form. Although referrals will be accepted via alternative formats (e.g. MMEx referral forms, MR52), Boab Health referral forms are a guide to the clinical information required.

Referrals will be accepted via:

  • Post (all referrals should be directed to the Broome office: PO Box 1548, Broome WA 6725)
  • Fax: 9192 7999 (all referrals to Broome office)
  • MMEx (“Boab Health Allied” account / not to individual clinicians)

Please see the Allied Health Referral Guidelines for more information about the referral process.


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