New Managing Emotions Course starting in April

We are pleased to announce our FREE Managing Emotions 12-week course is commencing in April 2020.

This program is designed to help people who feel they have difficulty regulating their strong emotions and the distress this can cause in their lives.

The course is based on a type of therapy called Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) and aims to provide additional support for people already participating in, or about to start, one-on-one counselling with a qualified mental health professional.

This way, the individual counsellor will work on challenges specific to the individual. And this course further supports the individual’s therapy by building on practical coping skills and distress tolerance.

This course was piloted last year in consultation and collaboration with KMHDS. Feedback from one of the course participants:

“I loved how open everybody was and how it was a safe space to discuss the subject. Being able to relate to everybody and find new ways to manage emotions was the most helpful aspect of the group.”

Managing Emotions pilot program participant

Developed in collaboration with Kimberley Mental Health and Drug Service  (KMHDS), this course is facilitated by our Mental Health Professionals Megan Thomas and Carly Roukos.

For more information on this course including how to book download our course flyer:

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