Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

Discover, through an experiential eight week course, how being more present and mindful can help you recognise unhelpful, habitual reactions and choose alternative responses for greater contentment and freedom.

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is the original course designed by Jon Kabat-Zinn in the mid-1970s.

It has been proven helpful to assist people to better manage stress, pain, anxiety, chronic health conditions and depression, as well as improving quality of life, self-compassion and feelings of wellness and contentment.

MBSR is an 8 week course for anyone who wishes to learn more about mindfulness techniques, including formal meditations, mindful movement and simple, informal mindfulness techniques applied to daily life.


Benefits reported by participants include: greater abilities to relax, sleep better, manage pain, interrupt negative or ruminative thinking, and manage stress along with gaining more enthusiasm for life.


Techniques are simple but in typical busy lives, may not be easy.

Please consider this as an experiment of about 2 months, for you to test out a range of mindfulness techniques and skills to determine the effects they may have for you.


The 8 week course requires commitment and curiosity. There is a class of 2 ½ hours during early evening, once a week, plus a full Sunday from 9.30am to 5pm during week 6 or 7, which is conducted like a mini retreat.

Between group classes, meditation practices and short homework exercises will require about 45 minutes a day, 6 days a week.

The classes are held in a safe group setting, and are largely experiential, rather than relying on talk alone. Included are brief and longer mindfulness practices, gentle movement and stretching and discussions about what people discover.

Recorded mindfulness practices will be available on a phone app (or CD if preferred) to use for practice sessions between weekly classes. A booklet will also be provided to reinforce programme content and for you to record homework exercises.


Dear you, Who always have so many things to do, So many places to be.

Your mind spinning like fan blades each moment always a blur because you are never still. 

I know you’re tired. I also know that it is not your fault. 

The constant brain buzz is like a swarm of bees threatening to sting if you close your eyes.

You’ve forgotten something again. You need to prepare for this or that. You should have done that differently.


What if you closed your eyes? Would the world fall apart without you?

Or would your mind become the open sky, a flock of thoughts flying across the sunrise.

As you just watched and smiled.

Kaveri Patel


FACILITATED BY: Michelle Chirgwin, Occupational Therapist at Boab Health.

Michelle is currently supervised by the

Course fees of $300 will be collected to cover room hire, refreshments and incidental costs. Reduced fee payments are available for people on a low income.

The course is scheduled for Term 1 of 2018 on Thursday evenings between 6pm and 8.30pm, commencing 15th February, plus a full day mini retreat on Sunday 8th April. The venue is Broome Community Recovery College, on the corner of Saville and Forrest streets (near Fong’s Store).

If unable to attend during term 1, registrations of interest are being collected for future dates.

Please call 9192 7888 / 0488 002 331 or email michelle.chirgwin@boabhealth.com.au

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