Launch of 2020 – 2025 Strategic Plan

Planning anew…It feels the winds of change have picked up in Boab Health’s sails and a new and exciting journey has started. 

With renewed leadership using a different set of lenses, this small regional health service is ready to come of age and be all it can be.

In a region with dire needs and limited resources, Boab Health and its staff are an absolute asset.  Rather than pandering to the whims of politics and policy change, the organisation is standing tall and with the community.

From working with internal and external stakeholders for over 20 years, Boab Health has a good feel for what is needed in the Kimberley region and other remote and isolated areas. 

In the new Strategic Plan 2020-25, the organisation is aiming at a longer horizon, as an indication of its confidence to add value in the longer term.

The plan is outward-looking, focusing on the community.  On advocating for the community and building capacity of the people in the community. 

On building their capacity to deliver and receive care, and self-manage of chronic conditions. 

Then and only then, it is focussed on the actual services that are delivered – to ensure we meet the community’s needs and wants. 

And then, the governance that ensures that all that is done is accountable and transparent to the community and other stakeholders.

The Strategic Plan 2020-2025 is bold and aspirational.  It will see Boab Health continue to build on the exceptional allied and mental health services it delivers, and consolidate its role of care coordinator for complex conditions and solutions broker for unmet needs. 

To promote primary health care and the benefits of healthy living for all in the community.  And to fight for equity of access to health care within the region and throughout the country.

Developed with input from staff and stakeholders, we are proud to launch our new Strategic Plan 2020 – 2025 and build a future for integrated health care services for all in the Kimberley into the future. 

Our Vision – Healthy Living for All!

Matt Burrows | CEO

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