Boab Health Services Company Constitution

Strategic Documents

Boab Health Strategic Plan Poster 2014-2017
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ISO (Quality Management Systems) Accreditation

Accreditation Certificate ISO 9001:2015 Boab Health 2016 – 2019

Accreditation Certificate ISO 9001:2008 2013-2016

Accreditation Certificate ISO 9001:2008 2010-2013

Mental Health Accreditation

Certificate National Standards for Mental Health 2018 -2021

 Certificate National Standards for Mental Health 2015-2018


Healthy Workplace Recognition

Boab Health Services Gold Recognised Healthy Workplace  2015-2017 Certificate


Financial Documents

Recent Audited Financial Statements are available from the CEO on request

Audited Financial Statements 2012-13 

Audited Financial Statements 2011-12

Audited Financial Statement 2010-11

Historical Documents

KDGP Primary Health Care Study – 2008 revised

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