Donations support the prevention of lower-limb amputations.

For two years in a row, the Rotary Club of Hawthorn has supported Kimberley residents to reduce the risk of diabetic foot-related complication.

Rotary Club of Hawthorn donated much-needed funds to provide specialised Diabetic Foot Offloading Kits to hospitals and remote health clinics across the Kimberley, and more recently, preventative Foot Care Action packs for use at home by people living with diabetes.

Lower limb amputations rates for people living with diabetes in the Kimberley are much higher compared to the rest of Australia. Fortunately, lower limb amputations related to diabetes can sometimes be prevented through early detection and intervention.

Diabetic Foot Offloading Kits

Offloading is an essential factor in effective wound management of diabetic foot ulcers to assist in timely wound healing to prevent lower limb amputation. Offloading involves taking pressure and shear force away from the wound using specialised equipment and supplies.

Through foot wound care education and delivery of Diabetic Foot Offloading Kits, Boab Health is increasing the capacity of Aboriginal Health Workers and other health professionals across the Kimberley to identify, treat and manage foot wounds and ulcers.

The Diabetic Foot Offloading kits, valued at $1,000 each, include specialised devices, boots, and customised felt padding to prevent ongoing trauma to the surface of the wound. Fourteen Diabetic Foot Offloading Kits were created and travelled over 4,700km from Hawthorn, Victoria to our head office in Broome. Coles and Centurion Transport kindly donated transports costs.

Foot Care Action Packs

Early detection of a foot wound or ulcer is vital, especially for people living with diabetes. People with diabetes can experience reduced feeling or sensations in their feet due to diminished blood flow to lower limbs (neuropathy).

Part of recommended foot care for someone with diabetes includes checking your feet daily and acting quickly if you notice anything unusual such as blisters, cuts or calluses.

The Foot Care Action Packs contains a range of basic foot care items to help people living with diabetes detect and treat minor foot problems early. Over 40 Foot Care Action Packs have been delivered across the Kimberley.

Our podiatry team have designed an evaluation tool to help understand the impact of the Foot Care Action Packs and how they are perceived and used by clients.

Without the generous support from Rotary Club of Hawthorn, Coles and Centurion Transport, these vital resources would not have been possible.

If you would like to support the prevention of lower limber amputation in the Kimberley or would like to know more about these initiatives, please contact Robyn Powell, Executive Manager – Allied Health on 08 9192 7888 or

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