Diabetes Education

About the Boab Health Services Diabetes Education Service

Boab Health Services employs two diabetes educators in the Kimberley region. Credentialled diabetes educators are recommended as the appropriately qualified providers of diabetes self management education. They are health professionals who already hold a health professional qualification in nursing, medicine, dietetics or pharmacy and who have also completed post graduate training in diabetes education and care.

Diabetes self management education is about providing people with diabetes with the knowledge, skills and motivation to effectively manage their condition. It is about helping people with diabetes to:

  • Understand diabetes and make informed lifestyle and treatment choices
  • Make appropriate food choices
  • Incorporate physical activity into daily life
  • Use their medications effectively
  • Monitor their blood glucose and understand and use the results to improve diabetes control
  • Prevent and treat high and low blood glucose levels and manage diabetes when sick
  • Reduce the risks of complications associated with diabetes
  • Manage diabetes along with the demands of work, family and social life
Credentialled diabetes educators work with their clients to help them understand the risks and benefits of lifestyle choices and treatment options. They work with their clients and other members of your diabetes team to achieve mutually agreed clinical targets, good health and wellbeing.

Referral Criteria

Referrals are accepted from all health professionals with patient consent. Referral criteria include:

  • Impaired glucose tolerance
  • Type 1 diabetes
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Gestational diabetes

A diabetes education referral may be required in the following instances:

  • Diagnosis of diabetes
  • Starting medication for diabetes
  • Starting insulin therapy
  • Not achieving desired clinical goals, eg. desired blood glucose levels
  • Having recurrent or severe episodes of hypoglycaemia
  • Changes in lifestyle or life stage changes
  • Pregnancy or contemplating becoming pregnant
  • Contemplating travelling
  • Feeling stressed or ‘burnt out’ by diabetes.


How do I refer to the Diabetes Education Service?

To facilitate efficient allied health consultation, comprehensive clinical information is required. The preferred referral format is the Boab Health Services Allied Health Referral Form. Although referrals will be accepted via alternative formats (e.g. MMEx referral forms, MR52), Boab Health referral forms are a guide to the clinical information required.

Referrals will be accepted via:

  • Post (all referrals should be directed to the Broome office: PO Box 1548, Broome WA 6725)
  • Fax: 9192 7999 (all referrals to Broome office)
  • MMEx (“Boab Health Allied” account / not to individual clinicians)

Please see the Allied Health Referral Guidelines for more information about the referral process.


*NEW* DESMOND Session – 16th November 2017

DESMOND is an award winning evidence based health program for people living with type 2 diabetes. During a single day  DESMOND session  you will gain practical skills and learn about food choices, physical activity, medicines and more! A session has been organised for Broome on 16th November 2017.  Please for more information please see our  DESMOND Flyer  and click here for the DESMOND Referral Form. Clients can self register by contacting Boab Heath reception on 9192 7888 or can be referred by GP or Practice Nurse.

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