Boab Health Services’ Response Updates

Boab Health Services COVID-19 response update #2 – 26 March 2020

Boab Health Services COVID-19 response update #1 – 20 March 2020

We are in this together

We are closely monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and taking strong measures to keep our community, clients, stakeholders and staff safe and informed. 

Temporary closure of Boab Health offices

In an effort to slow the spread of coronavirus in the Kimberley all Boab Health Services staff are now working from home and are set up to deliver services to client by online platforms (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc) or telephone.

Appointments now offered by phone or online (video)

We are now set up to be able to offer you a telephone or video / online appointments (options may include Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Scopia or Skype or Facetime) . Please discuss with your Boab clinician or contact.

Essential services – Podiatry high-risk clients

Communication with clients 

We will communicate regularly with our clients via email, telephone and text messages with updates on how we are offering services.


We are continuing to receive referrals by email, fax or MMEx. Please ensure client mobile and email address are included when applicable. We are not currently accepting referral by Australia Post.  Click here for more information on our referral process.

Other service providers

If you have any question or queries on how we can work together to support our clients during these unprecedented times please do not hesitate to contact one of our staff members.

Mental Health Services

For clients in community that may not have reliable phone coverage or internet access, we are happy and keen to liaise with remote clinics to facilitate contact and support via the clinic (if social isolation requirements do not prevent this). Please feel free to advise if there are other more effective means of communicating and providing a service within the current limitations.

If you have any questions about Referrals, Triage, and Assessment,  please contact Lisa Whitworth at, or Rebecca Brockhus at for West Kimberley or Carolyn Stevens at for East Kimberley.

EAP Counselling

We are continuing to offer our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) counselling via an online platform (Microsoft Teams, Zoom) or telephone.  

Now is a critical time to support health services staff and other essential services and EAP is one way to do this.  If your team requires a group debrief/session then please contact us to determine the most appropriate way for us to provide this to your team.  

If you do not have an existing Service Level Agreement for Boab to provide EAP services to your staff and are interested in engaging us to provide this service please contact Megan Thomas at

Professional and Clinical Supervision

We are continuing to offer Professional and Clinical Supervision via online platforms (Microsoft Teams, Zoom) or telephone.   

If you do not have an existing Service Level Agreement for Boab to provide Professional Clinical Supervision services to your staff and are interested in engaging us to provide this service, please contact Megan Thomas at

Coping with coronavirus anxiety 

Beyond Blue Australia has some helpful tips if you are feeling worried about the coronavirus pandemic. View Beyond Blue article. 

Living with diabetes and coronavirus 

People living with diabetes need to take the same precautions as everyone else, with a few additional considerations.  For the latest information on diabetes and COVID-19 visit Diabetes WA. 

Policies and Plans  

We are continuing to regularly update our staff on the latest guidelines on the coronavirus situation.  Our Executive Management Team has formed a COVID-19 response committee and is finalising our Pandemic Policy and COVID-19 action plan. 

For the most up to date information 

Coronavirus Health Information Line tel: 1800 020 080 (24/7)

Australian Government Department of Health  WA Government COVID-19 State of Emergency Updates
WA Department of Health – HealthyWA

We know that there are many unknowns during this current time, but we want to assure you that we’re monitoring the pandemic closely, following government updates, and doing all we can to keep serving you in the safest possible way.

Please do not hesitate to contact our Executive Management Team or any of our staff members should you have any queries. 

What is Corona Virus?

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a respiratory illness caused by a new virus. Symptoms range from a mild cough to pneumonia. Some people recover easily, others may get very sick very quickly. There is evidence that it spreads from person to person. Good hygiene can assist in preventing infection.


Coronavirus symptoms range in seriousness. People with coronavirus may experience:

  • fever
  • coughing
  • sore throat
  • fatigue
  • shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

How it spreads

The virus spreads from person-to-person.
The virus is most likely spread through:

  • close contact with an infectious person
  • contact with droplets from an infected person’s cough or sneeze
  • touching objects or surfaces (like doorknobs or tables) that have cough or sneeze droplets from an infected person, and then touching your mouth or face

What you can do

Practising good hand and sneeze/cough hygiene and keeping your distance from others when you are sick is the best defence against most viruses. You should:

  • Wash your hands for 2-minutes frequently with soap and water, before and after eating, and after going to the toilet.
  • Cover your cough and sneeze, dispose of tissues, and wash your hands.
  • If unwell, avoid contact with others (stay more than 1.5 metres from people).

Where to seek help in the Kimberley?

Call your GP or remote health clinic if you have flu-like symptoms. If you have flu-like symptoms AND have recently been overseas (last two-weeks) or have been in contact with someone with a confirmed case of COVID-19 call the coronavirus hotline on 1800 020 080 (24/7) for advice, then present to your nearest emergency department.

If you have serious symptoms such as difficulty breathing, call 000 for urgent medical help.

Health Promotion Resources

Download the KAMS COVID-19 A3 Poster

KAMS Cover your Cough and Sneeze Poster

WHO How to effectively Wash your Hands Poster

WHO How to effectively Hand Rub with Sanitizer Poster

Updated 26 March 2020

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