Broome is a tropical oasis nestled between the blue waters and white sandy beaches of the Indian Ocean and the red and green landscape of the Kimberley.

It is a beautiful area with an ideal climate. During the dry winter, it has warm, sunny days averaging about 28°C with cool nights. The summer months average about 33°C during the day, with beautiful balmy nights. Coastal breezes are normally experienced year round. Stunning natural beauty, historic sights and charm, plenty of attractions, adventures and activities.

The town has a population of about 15,243 people. Established as a pearling port in the 1880s, Broome has a romantic and often flamboyant history. It was populated by hearty people of many nationalities – mainly Europeans, Malays, Chinese and Japanese, as well as Australia’s Indigenous People – who flocked to the shores of Roebuck Bay in the hope of making their fortune from the pearling industry. The influence of the pearling industry, with its cultural melting pot, has helped to create the distinctive character and charm of Broome. Pearling remains one of the town’s major industries due to the cultured pearl, which revived the industry after its near demise in the late 1950s. South Sea Pearls are recognised as the best in the world and the retail pearl outlets in town are a showcase to the quality of Broome pearls.

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